Holey Moley
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The Holey Moley Club 2011
all new material for 2011

City and Guilds courses not running? Can't find a hands-on workshop near where you live? Not want to have to pack, drive to a workshop, unpack, get little done and have to repack, drive home and put everything away and then cook dinner? The Holey Moley Club is your answer.

A whole year of excitement - 6 workshops full of varied parts - old and new on-line friends to meet - a place to chat, share ideas and ask questions, collect tips and hints that only come from sharing and a chance to post your work and admire others.

6 x 2 monthly workshops commencing March 2011
Each of the 6 workshops will run for 2 months and all communication will take place on a closed blog. Here I will post links to pdf files, videos, pictures etc and this is where you will be able to post as well. Each workshop will consist of several pdf files and there will also be a guest tutor for each workshop.

The schedule is as follows:
March/April     Flower Power
May/June Words Words Words
July/Aug Saucy Shoes
Sept/Oct A variety of Vegies
Nov/Dec Rust and Rort Iron
Jan/Feb Tiny Tempting Treasures

The Holey Moley Club will take you on a creative journey for a year and lasting a lifetime. Importantly: all notes and work for this on-line workshop are created by Dale (apart from the guest tutor) which means it is most probably not totally mainstream and is sure to be experimental and fun. Each workshop will explore hand and machine stitching, mixed media play and lots of experimentation.

Allowing 2 months per workshop means you will have loads of time to explore and experiment if you wish. The workshops and all other activities will be available to you for the whole year so if you miss the start there will be plenty of time to catch up.

The Holey Moley Club enrolments open on 15th January 2011 and once enrolled you will be invited to join the closed blogspot where there will be a number of little excitements before the real stuff happens.

$88.00 (or $80.00 if you are not in Australia) for the 6 lesson workshop. You can join at any time and pay by emailing us mail@thethreadstudio.com or thethreadstudio@gmail.com You can pay with Visa or Mastercard, Paypal, or in Australia - direct deposit. You can also contact us on +61 8 9227 1561 or fax +61 8 9227 0254