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Embellish Stitch Enrich Challenge

Announcing the inaugural worldwide Embellisher Textile Challenge.
The Challenge is to create an original art work using the embellishment machine plus optional hand and/or machine embroidery.
The theme of the challenge is 'CONNECTIONS'

A landscape by Doreen Grey

Terms and Conditions:
  • We are looking for art work of small format that is inspiring, creative, unusual, exciting, surprising, amusing and well done.
  • The piece must be created using the embellishment machine. The choice of materials is entirely up to you.
  • The finished piece must be no more than 20cm x 20cm (sorry - no 3 dimensional items, no pieces behind glass, no pieces fixed on solid frames and so on)
  • On the reverse side of the work there must be a sleeve or another kind of hanging device. You must label your creation, including the title as well as your full name, address and email address (if you have one). Sew the label to the back of your work.
  • The work must be based on your own ideas and your original design and may not have been exhibited or published before.
  • Each participant can submit one to two entries,
  • As many pieces as possible will be presented in an exhibition that is planned to be shown at various venues. The exhibition will be opening at Australian Quilt Conference in Melbourne (February 2009) and shown at other venues including Textile Art Festival in Brisbane(May 2009), WA Craft, Quilt & Stitch Show in Perth (August 2009) and The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in October 2009, and another couple of events still being negotiated. The exhibition will be featured on The Thread Studio website in a special gallery section and featured in at least two international magazines. You must be prepared for your work to be retained for at least a year and possibly longer.
  • Should more entries be made than can be handled or should the design and/or the quality of a piece be below the standard of the rest of the exhibition, a jury of experts will have the right to exclude a piece. This decision is not contestable.
  • Entry Fee AUS$20.00. The fee covers your entire submission, whether you enter one or two pieces. It is not refundable, even if the entry should not be accepted for display. Payment may be made by credit card, PayPal, EFT, cheque or even notes included with your entry. (UK include £8.00, US and Canada $15.00 Europe €10.00)
  • The submission must weigh less than 500gms in total (including all packaging materials). Participants must send their entry to The Thread Studio at their own expense. Make sure your packaging is really safe to rule out any risk of damage through mailing or transportation. In Australia bubble wrap and a small Australia Post prepaid red satchel which takes up to 500gm will suffice. In other countries you will have an equivalent.
  • Submissions must reach us by Friday 31st January 2009.
  • The Thread Studio will take extreme care of your work while it is in their possession but will not be held responsible for circumstances beyond their control.
  • Prizes for the winning three entries will be awarded by a panel of judges. Prizes are still being discussed but there will also be a special Thread Studio prize for Dale's choice.
  • At the end of the exhibition The Thread Studio will return all works to their owners.

Entry Form
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