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Flower Stitch Book


Let's Play with the Flower Stitcher
All you need to know about using the flower stitch foot.
Lots of illustrations, 18 pages.
Booklet price: $11.90 ($10.82)

Associated Items:
Flower Stitcher Foot
Single foot: $34.00 ($30.91)

Booklet plus Flower Stitcher Foot
Booket plus foot: $41.50 ($37.73)

Booklet plus the four 'Opulent' or the four 'Illuminations' variegated rayons.
Booket plus rayon 4 set: $22.90 ($20.82)

The Works
Booklet plus Flower Stitcher Foot plus the four 'Opulent' or 'Illuminations' variegated Victory Threads as used in the booklet illustrations.
The Works: $50.00 ($45.45)