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Gold Eye Chenille Needles
$3.00 ($2.73) per pack of six

Chenille needles are used in surface embroidery, crewel embroidery, chenille embroidery, and any time you want a large, long eye to accommodate your thread, and a sharp tip to pierce your fabric. In fact, many crewel embroiderers prefer chenille needles for crewel work because the eye is easier on the wool thread and the sharp tip and large shaft make a good hole in the fabric so that the wool thread can pass through relatively unscathed.
The long eye of the chenille needle also makes it ideal for stitching with specialty threads (braids, metallics, chenille thread, and other fibres) that have a tendency to shred.

We stock sizes 18 and 24, on cards of six.


No. 24 is 0.76 mm diameter x 37.0 mm length
No. 18 is 1.24 mm diameter x 48.5 mm length


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