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Art Journaling
by Somerset Studio
Nothern Autumn 2018
$32.00 + postage $5.00 (Australia)


Description - from the publisher.
Be inspired by the beautiful journal pages accompanied by courageous stories from acclaimed mixed-media artist, inside the October issue of Art Journaling.
  • Learn how Sherry Pollack moved outside her comfort zone to create a neutral journal void of the colours she's used to working with.
  • Discover Darlene Koppel's transparent paper art journal that masterfully makes use of deli paper.
  • See how Sharon Hoerth put her own take on journaling inside of a traveler's notebook.
  • In our We Asked the Artists department, learn how our contributors escape a creative rut and what creative rituals they follow.
  • Explore a wide variety of journaling styles from talented artists including LorriMarie Jenkins, Pam Carriker, Cat Kerr, and more.

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