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Victory Machine Rayons
Care and Hints

Our Victory threads are made of high quality viscose rayon, a cellulose based product, and are fully guaranteed by us.

Viscose rayon is a most flexible embroidery thread which can be laid in every embroidery direction and prevents thread looping.

These 40wt threads come in a wide variety of colours, have a soft feel, high tensile strength, uniform twist and an excellent sewing performance

Some Hints
Embroidered garments should be washed in mild detergent.
Do not use bleach or stain removers. Do not dry clean.
Never leave damp embroidered items folded or pressed together as thread colours may bleed.
When ironing, use a cool or medium setting.
Store your threads in a dry ventilated place in boxes to protect from dust and moisture.
Our rayon threads are on a spool. Unwrap the cover carefully as the thread is high sheen and slippery.
Keep the cover and the label for reordering.
Use on a horizontal or vertical spool holder, taking care that the thread flows smoothly. If a vertical spool holder, it's best to place a disc of sponge on the base to prevent thread slippage.
Loosen your top tension and for best results, we recommend topstitch needles size 90 or 100.