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The review below is from the 'Quilting Arts' Magazine
Winter 2002, issue eight. Reviewer - Mary McRae.

There's a myriad of machine threads on the market today, and many quilters love to use rayon, metallic, and other designer threads in their free motion embroidery and quilting. The question is what to use in the bobbin. In many cases, you do not want to use the same thread in the bobbin due to the expense; in the case of metallic threads, they just wouldn't hold together.

Special bobbin thread is the answer. Most currently available products are designed for computerized embroidery machines they are made of very thin weight (120 weight typically) cotton so that they don't add unnecessary bulk to a heavily embroidered design. Libby Lehman, an internationally recognized quilter and recipient of numerous awards, was frustrated by metallics breaking in her machine, and started investigating the problem. "I couldn't figure out why I was having trouble with metallics breaking until I discovered the culprit was the cotton thread in the bobbin." That was when Libby began using lingerie thread instead - also 120 weight, but made from polyester. But she still encountered a second problem: the very limited color range.

In her quest for high quality bobbin thread that would work well with all types of threads and be available in a broad range of colors, she teamed up with Superior Threads to create "The Bottom Line" a 60 weight filament polyester with a lint-free, ultra-smooth surface that prevents snagging and knotting. "The Bottom Line" is even, slick, and gets along famously with metallics," says Libby. "Superior Threads is a delightful, conscientious company. Bob and Heather are extremely concerned with quality. Their products are consistently superior. Their company name is definitely truth in advertising!"