Ordering and payment for threads.In-fusion.

Simply email, phone, fax, or use the PayPal button, and we will do the rest!
On payment we send the codes to access the magazine.

For payment by PayPal:
To take a subscription, simply use the PayPal button.
A button to enable the purchase of a single issue is coming soon.

For payment by credit card:
A simple but safe way to email card details, is to email the first eight digits, and then send the remainder of the details in a second mail.
It is also safe to fax or phone details.

For payment by direct deposit :
(Australian customers only)
We send our bank account details to you.

For customers within Australia:
Phone:   08 9227 1561
Fax:   08 9227 0254
Payment:   Visa, M/card, Direct Deposit, PayPal or Cheque.

For customers outside Australia:
Phone:   + 61 8 9227 1561
Fax:   + 61 8 9227 0254
Payment:   Visa, M/card or PayPal.

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