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Eleganza Variegateds
$8.50 ($7.73) / 30yd spool
Perlé 3

100% extra long staple Egyptian cotton. A thread of extreme softness, strength and lustre with an extra 15% twist.
Double gassed and mercerized to eliminate build up of lint and snub.
The colour palettes are bright and saturated and the variegations are short in order to provide rapid colour change on small scale designs.
Eleganza is also a beautiful thread to use in the bobbin of your sewing machine for bobbin work.

Needles: Chenille #18 (Clover, Tulip), Milliners #15, Tapestry #20

Perlé 3 colour themes below.
(The threads used in the chart are perlé 8, comparison photo at bottom of page.)

Solar Yellow V08

Golden Rules V06

Bee Pollen V07

Tweet Me! V41

Crushed Clementine V30

Hibiscus V31

Saltwater Taffy V32

Foot Loose V49

Floating Flower 16

Wildfire V29

Scarlet Letter V23

Touch Lily V54

Pink Lemonade V27

Stiletto V24

Clambake V25

Pretty Please V26

Gossip Girl V50

Flutter-By V34

Conga Line V47

Plush Lilac V36

Lavender Fields V35

Wallflower V53

Cake Pop V39

Rock Royalty V33

Moth to a Flame V43

Go Better V28

Miss Behave V51

Chameleon V46

Riptide V20

Island Oasis V19

Deep Cove V18

City Jungle V05

Inked V17

Midnight Swim V44

Manic Monday V45

In the Navy V38

Wild Card V40

Crocodile Tears V37

Hummingbird V15

Inchworm V12

Citrus Zest V52

Bossy Boots V48

Lettuce Wrap V14

Serene Green V22

Over the Clover V13

Birds Eye View V21

Graffiti V42

Fresh Cut Grass V11

Up a Tree V09

Olive Pit V10

Sand Dollar V03

Pure Puppy Love V02

So Cocoa V01

Carbon V04

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