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Eleganza Perlé 8 Solids
$7.30 ($6.64) / 65 metre spool

100% extra long staple Egyptian cotton. A thread of extreme softness, strength and lustre with an extra 15% twist.
Double gassed and mercerized to eliminate build up of lint and snub.
The colour palettes are bright and saturated.
Eleganza is also a beautiful thread to use in the bobbin of your sewing machine for bobbin work.
We also have a perlé 8 solids spectrum set. see here

Needles: Chenille #24 (Clover, Tulip), Milliners #3 (preferred), Milliners #1, Tapestry #24

Lion's Mane S17

Lemon Curd S18

Peach Puff S14

Orange Crush S15

Welsh Poppy S16

Raked Leaves S19

Camp Fire S23

A Dozen Roses S24

Signature Wine S25

Pixie Dust S20

Let's Pink! S21

Fuchsia Fever S22

African Violet S26

Your Majesty S29

Sari S27

Passion Flower S28

Sea Glass S09

Lagoon S36

Paradise Blue S10

Hyper Blue S13

Heavy Skies S11

Indego S12

After Dinner Mint S30

Tree Frog S34

Call-a-treuse S31

Bristle Grass S32

Lazy Lizard S33

English Ivy S35

Snow Globe S06

Sea Shell S01

Puppy Paws S02

Moccasin S07

Black Berry S08

Tumbled Stone S03

Manatee S04

Black Tie S05


Perlé 8 Solid 'Primitive' Themes
($6.90 / 65 metre spool)

Cool Ashes S37

Toothpick S38

Goober Peas S39

Acorn Tan S40

Canteen S41

Wagon Wheel S42

Sandalwood Fan S45

Butternut kepi S46

Field TrumpetS47

Satin Slipper S48

Buttermilk Hill S43

Ballgown S49

Plum Parasol S50

Purple Sortie Cap S51

Love-lies-Blee S52

Brass Button S44

Ostrich Plume S53

Garden Sage S54

Love-in-a-Puf S55

Sunburst Flask S56

Dusty Rose S61

Mounted Trousers S57

Up the Spout S58

Cupboard Blue S59

Union Blue S60

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