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Raffia Silk Paper Thread
$9.50 ($8.64) / pack

Raffia is 100% silk and looks similar to paper Raffia, but is more shiny. It is a lovely thread for all sorts of interesting textural effects. Raffia is a long ribbon like thread constructed of a series of fibers bonded together to make a unique thread. The thread is great for clothing, grass, wicker or tree trunks. Because the thread has a shine, the area will stand out in your motif. When stitching, use shorter lengths of thread in the needle and use a slightly larger needle than required for the canvas. Use caution when threading the needle to prevent splitting the thread down the middle. Each pack contains 1.82 metres (2 yards).

Each photo below shows the contents of a pack.


pond scum




sleepy hollow


shepher's moon


desert moss


aged antiquity


grape soda


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