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Fine Perlé Silk
$11.00 ($10.00) / 20 metre hank

Hand dyed by Jacinta Leishman in many colours exclusive to us.

Perlé Silk is a 100% silk, cordonnet (tightly twisted) thread. The impeccable quality of this thread results in a smooth surface allowing the thread to glide smoothly through all types of fibres and stitchery. Its tight twist creates beautiful firm stitches and its reflective surface gives a luxurious lustre to embellishment stitchery.

Needles: - Long Darner #1, Milliners #1 and Chenille #24.

Brianna (currently out of stock)

Arabian Nights

Indian Splendour (currently out of stock)

Kimberley Dreaming (currently out of stock)

Barrier Reef (currently out of stock)

Purple Passion (currently out of stock)

Peony (currently out of stock)

Victorian Rose

Federation (currently out of stock)

Persian Market


Vintage Lace (currently out of stock)

Venice (currently out of stock)

Lichen (currently out of stock)

Verde (currently out of stock)


Sea Green



Ironbark (currently out of stock)


Glacier (currently out of stock)

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