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Hand Dyed Perlé 8
$4.50 ($4.09) / 15 metre hank

100% Perle Cotton, hand-dyed in South Africa.
House of Embroidery is a South African small business that has been in operation since 1995, hand dyeing beautiful threads in small batches. They provide an extraordinary range of colourfast threads from beautiful blushes to vibrant violets.

#24 Chenille: Tulip • Gold Eye • Clover
#3 Milliners: Tulip • Gold Eye
#24 Tapestry


Sunlight 11B


Daffodil 47C


Daffodil 47B


Daffodil 47A


Autumn 13C


Oak 10B


Gold 26A


Blosson 12C


Strelitzia 68B


Nasturtium 76A


Good on Black89B


Sri Lanka 51A


Flame 43C


Maple 65A


Marigold 90C


Brass 46B


Mango 24A


Sri Lanka 51C


Harvest 64A


Blossom 12B


Cloves 55A


Blossom 12A


Fuschsia 49B


Tropicana 85B


Camellia 35B


Flame 43B


Snaps 60C


Plum 23A


Sri Lanka 51B


Autumn 13A


Salvia P78C


Xmas Red 40C


Berries 20B


Freesia P48C


Salvia 78B


Xmas Red 40A


Stocks 79A


Gladiolae 77C


Roses 16B


Fairies 17B


Stocks 79C


Orchid 9B


Camelia 35A


Snaps P60B


Larkspur 80C


Stocks 79B


India 52A


Good on Black 89A


Lavataria 22C


Berries P20A


Tulip P93A


Marigold 90B


India 52C


Hellebore 62B


Salvia 78A


Granny 61B


Viola 14A


Peacock 38A


Clematis 63C


Pansy 15B


Larkspur 80A


Larkspur 80B


Peacock 38C


Viola 14C


Reflections 88B


Aster 19A


Grapes 39C


Wine Glow 45C


True Blue 1C


Pansy 15A


Iris 57A


Lavender 34A


Hydrangea 18A


Iris 57C


Hydrangea 18B


Fairies 17C


Hellebore 62A


Waterlily 70C


Waterlily 70B


Forget Me Not 21A


True Blue P1B


Morning Glory 2C


Morning Glory P2A


Verdon 87B


Aquatic 28C


Aquatic 28A


Mexico 53C


Verdon 87A


Waterlily P70A


The Sea 36A


Aquatic 28B


Verdon 87C


Grapes 39B


Peacock 38B


Mexico 53A


Apple 67A


Xmas Green P58C


Periwinkle 7B


Golden Privet 6B


Cypress P50C


Apple 67C


Nasturtium 76B


Woodlands P69A


Mexico 53B


Xmas Green P58A


Blue Gum 5A


Holly 56C


Lemon and Lime 25C


Forest 54B


Fern 4B


Foxtail Fern 71C


Forest 54A


Moss 32B


Woodlands 69C


Foxtail Fern 71A


Oak 10A


Nasturtium 76C


Ash P74A


Desert Sands 42C


Desert Sands 42B


Birch 84B


Birch 84C


Birch P84A


Ash P74C


Winter 41C


Touch of Grey P27C


Panorama 91C


Panorama 91A


Wildlife 66C


Winter 41A


Herbs 92B


Bark 72C


Maple 65B


Harvest 64B


Woodlands 69B


Mud 33A


Reflections 88B


Mist 86C


Mist 86B


Touch of Grey P27B


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