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Natural Slushie
$11.00 ($10.00) / 50g
$20.00 ($18.18) / 100g
$190.00 ($172.73) / 1.0 kg


60% very fine 15.5 micron Australian merino carded with 40% A1 grade mulberry silk sliver to produce this wonderful sheeny fibre.

Exquisitly soft, divine for both wet and dry felting, and spinning. Loved by the embellisher.

All from top quality fibres processed in Italy.

Fibre structure and sheen shown in photo.



Customer Comment
I had a dream last night that you guys decided to stop selling your slushies...   I was beside myself, haha.

Thank you for carrying the most high quality fiber I have ever worked with.

Nicole Erfan, Fashion Designer, Parvarna Creations, Oregan, USA

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