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Wild Drum Carder
$625.00 ($568.18) / carder, shipping included within Australia.

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Specially designed for blending and creating exciting fun, funky and wild batts for spinning and felting. Enables you to create unique blends with added extra's such as fibres, fabrics, ribbons, feathers, noils, cocoons, paper - just let your imagination run riot!


  • Carding width - 10cm (4in) produces a very handy size batt ready to spin.
  • Built-in adjustable packer brush - packs fibre more efficiently onto the large drum, allows "added extra's" to be packed into your batt, reduces fibres collecting on the small drum.
  • Extra long 72 ppsi teeth - allows you to make a thicker batt, to keep all your "added extra's" in your batt
  • adjustable drum clearance
  • Portable - compact but very sturdy only 3.5kg (7 3/4lbs) with built-in hand hold.
  • Makes up to 40gm (1 1/2oz) batt.
  • Finished batt size 60 x 15cm (24 x 6in)
  • Comes assembled and lacquered
Included are:
  • Cleaning brush - that slides conveniently under the feed-in tray
  • Doffer (Awl) - that stores conveniently - ready to use
  • Clamps

Adjustable packer brush.
Extra long 72ppsi teeth

Doffer storage and convenient
hand hold for carrying

Cleaning brush slides under
feed-in tray for storage


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