Washi Tapes and Rub Ons


Art by Marlene Washi Tape
Three 5 metre by 15 mm rolls per box. Two box choices.


Washi Tape Pack of three rolls: $10.20 ($9.27)



Jane Davenport Washi Tape
Sets of Washi Tape rolls. Three choices.

book set

Roll set: $15.65 ($14.23)
Book set: $6.30 ($5.73)



Rub On Transfer Sheets
Decorate your scrapbooks or journal covers with these fun transfer sheets by Jane Davenport.
These rub-on transfer sheets are easy to use and let you create intricate face details on your favourite surface. You can also use them for your artwork projects.
Two different 15.25cm x 9.5cm transfer sheets per pack. Two pack choices.

faces pack
brights pack

Pack of two different sheets: $6.00 ($5.45)



Jane Davenport Journal Tape
Journal Tape has a unique texture that is the perfect surface for drawing and painting. Seal with a medium and it virtually disappears into the page. Great for repair work and adding pages to a journal. We also have the book set.

book set

Book Set: $6.30 ($5.73)