Washi Tapes and Rub Ons


Cavallini Paper/Washi Tape
Themed rolls of vintage inspired semi transparent paper tape, presented in a beautiful storage tin. Five themes to choose from, 14.6 metres (16 yards) per roll, 8.0 cm wide. Washi tape is fabulous for tipping in pages, adhering images in your sketchbook and as a collage element in sketchbook and final work. These are really long rolls so you can afford to be generous.
Choose from: Flora & Fauna; Numbers; Paris, Alphabet or Vintage Travel.
Superb quality and fabulous gifts for creative friends.


Tin with Roll: $29.50 ($26.82)


Washi Tape
Black and white washi tape. Like the cavallini tapes, these are transparent and take paint and dye over the top so they can easily be blended into your sketchbooks. Five choices.
Superb quality and fabulous gifts for creative friends.


Individually priced


Rub On Transfer Sheets
Decorate your scrapbooks or journal covers with these fun transfer sheets by Jane Davenport.
These rub-on transfer sheets are easy to use and let you create intricate face details on your favourite surface. You can also use them for your artwork projects.
Two different 15.25cm x 9.5cm transfer sheets per pack. Two pack choices.

faces pack
brights pack

Pack of two different sheets: $6.00 ($5.45)


Jane Davenport Washi Tape
Sets of Washi Tape rolls. Three choices.

miss match
book set

Roll set: $15.65 ($14.23) Book set: $6.30 ($5.73)


Jane Davenport Journal Tape
Journal Tape has a unique texture that is the perfect surface for drawing and painting. Seal with a medium and it virtually disappears into the page. Great for repair work and adding pages to a journal. We also have the book set.

roll set
book set

Roll Set: $15.65 ($14.23)
Book Set: $6.30 ($5.73)