Creative Versa-Tool
The award winning Creative Versa Tool is now manufactured for Australian/NZ power supply. No electical adaptors required, just plug straight in and enjoy all the wonderful functions of this 510C Hot Tool. These functions include; woodburning, leather crafting, soldering, stamping, paper crafting, hot knife cutting, pattern transferring, embossing, stencil cutting, personalizing and so much more. In fact everything that a hobbyist, crafter or artist could wish for - and at a price that represents exceptional value for this top quality tool.
Customers Please Note:
We are cuerrently out of stock of Versa Tools and are looking to organise replacements.
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Versa-Tool: $39.50 ($35.91)


Japanese Screw Punch
This Japanese punch cutting tool is able to make particularly clean holes due to its drilling action. Suitable for leather, plastic and cardboard. Hardened, replaceable punch heads, brass shaft, beech handle.
Comes with five heads, 1.5,   2.5,   3,   3.5 and 4 mm.
Leather drill punch with five heads: $107.80 ($98.00)


Heat Gun
This Wagner Precision Heat Tool can be used with embossing powders, tyvek and xpandaprint, and for distressing and distorting. The textile artist's necessary equipment piece. (It's even designed to strip paint from hard to get areas, but you wouldn't want to do THAT with it - would you!)
Precision Heat Gun: $45.00 ($40.91)