Gilding Flakes / Leaves


Gilding Flakes
The flakes can be used in any number of ways, from traditional gilding techniques, use as inclusions in papers etc. to layering and application with adhesives.

colour choices
many uses

150 cc single jar: $7.00 ($6.36)
Four pack,85cc jars, large or small flakes: $19.50 ($17.73)


Gilding the Lily Kit
A kit using the glittering gilding flakes.


Kit: $19.50 ($17.73)



Double Sided Adhesive Sheet
A valuable accessory to gilding flakes. A4 double sided ultra thin adhesive sheets. Perfect for using with gilding flakes. Can use on paper, card and fabric. Also suitable for stitching on. Can also be used for mica, glitter etc.
Pack of 4 x A4 sheets: $8.00 ($7.27)



Sticky Dots Tape
Acid-free sticky dots tape. Tiny dots that transfer where you want. Excellent for card making and sticking down all sorts of things including design sheet work, collage, scrap-booking. 9.0m by 9.5mm on each roll.


9 metre roll: $6.60 ($6.00)



Great Tape
A clear easy to use, high performance tape.


'Great Tape', roll: $9.00 ($8.18)



Hot Spots Kit
As used by Kim Thittichai in her book Hot Textiles. Our kit contains four 28cm x 20cm size Hot Spots sheets, plus two metallic foil sheets. Instructions also included. Hot Spots are machine washable and suitable for craft projects as well as fashion and accessories.


Kit price: $9.90 ($9.00)



Hot Spots Sheets
As used by Kim Thittichai in her book Hot Textiles. Hot Spots are tiny dots of glue on a backing sheet. Use with foil and gilding flakes. Excellent for design sheet work, collage, scrap-booking etc. Four sheets of 28cm x 20cm in each pack.


Pack of four: $5.50 ($5.00)