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Patterns From February 2016
$7.70 ($7.00) / 15cm x 15cm stencil
$33.00 ($30.00) / any five 15cm x 15cm
$60.00 ($54.55) / any ten 15cm x 15 cm
$5.50 ($5.00) / 10cm x 10cm stencil

These stencils are 15cm x 15cm (6" x 6") except for the bottom section which has the 10.5cm x 10.5cm (4" x 4") patterns.
The TCW logo on each image is not part of the pattern.

15cm x 15cm Stencils

Christmas Words

Christmas Lights


Doodle Patterns

Chickadee Post

Pebbles Tied

Orange Slices

On the Road

Spikey Wheels


Overlapping Stripes

Poppy Field

Painted Lady

Stitched Art

Doodle Borders




Bird Nest

Curious Owl

Sea Turtles


Tropical Elements

Pretty Succulents

Citrus Montage

Fanciful Borders

Rustic Portal

Dream Girl

Victorian Sketchbook

Corncob Etching

Cards and Lace


Doodle Bloom

Life Words

Three Tags

Class Picture

Carte Postale

Life Remembered


10.5cm x 10.5cm Stencils

Beauty Profile Bit

Profile with Dots Bit

Endless Star Bit

Two Layer Flower Bit

Star Circle Bit

Triangle Panic Bit

Zia Sun Bit

Scribbled Heart Fragment

Knit Fragment

Monarch Fragment

Freeform Fragment

Queen Anne Lace Fragment

Bunny Fragment

Loopy Flower Fragment

Repeat Tile Fragment

Sun Flare Remnant

Ancient Wheel Remnant

Button Remnant

Square Cog Remnant

Lace Medallion Remnant

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