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From September 2015
$7.70 ($7.00) / 15cm x 15cm stencil
$33.00 ($30.00) / any five 15cm x 15cm
$60.00 ($54.55) / any ten 15cm x 15 cm
$5.50 ($5.00) / 10cm x 10cm stencil

Stencils are 15cm x 15cm (6" x 6") except for the bottom section
which has the 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4") patterns.
The TCW logo on each image is not part of the pattern.

art deco alphabet

art deco numbers


twig berry

triangle sunburst

hex flowers

square scrolls

shattered triangles

tuscan wall

moroccan sun

organic matter mask

winged exploration

complicated hearts

moving vines

nautical chains


wagon wheel


rock wall

mountain view


leafy branches

wild bouquet

whimsical shrooms

cosmic swirl

graceful moths

elegant motif



love and peace

inspired words

raven mosaic


butter flight


All stencils below are 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4").

love remnant
(10cm x 10cm)

pod remnant
(10cm x 10cm)

found remnant
(10cm x 10cm)

grafitti bit
(10cm x 10cm)

berry branch bit
(10cm x 10cm)

messy script bit
(10cm x 10cm)

netting bit
(10cm x 10cm)

sequin waste bit
(10cm x 10cm)

peony fragment
(10cm x 10cm)

ornament fragment
(10cm x 10cm)

christmas stocking fragment
(10cm x 10cm)

airplane fragment
(10cm x 10cm)

spiderweb fragment
(10cm x 10cm)

(10cm x 10cm)

bubbly fragment
(10cm x 10cm)

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