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The ArtFoamies are individually priced.

ArtFoamies Stamps are durable, bold foam stamps designed for use on many surfaces. They can be used with acrylic paints, inks and glazes.
Each ArtFoamies Stamp comes with a washable, reusable StampBuddy pad. Sized to fit the stamp, the StampBuddy ensures even distribution of paint to get clean, crisp prints; it is customizable, holding one or more paint colours at a time for unique multi-colour effects.
More details here,   Balzar design gallery here   and useful videos here.
Please note: Images below are not all to the same scale.


Big Numbers


Gone Dotty


Happy Edge


Leave Vine


Love Candy


Mind Track


Polka Dot


Ring Fling


Ring Fling Large


Ring Hop Scotch


Ring Tic Tac


Spot On


Train Track


Tree Brigade


Triangle Staircase


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