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Ocean Shell Laminate
Paua shell laminate from New Zealand. Four pieces per pack with ideas, tips and general information.

pack choices

Laminate Pack: $15.00 ($13.64)



Vintage Mini Keys
From Ken Oliver Embellishments. Classic timeles vintage style keys.

pack photo

Paack of eight: $6.60 ($6.00)



Nunn Design
Nunn Design Charms and Medallions help you create pieces of unquestionable style. Crafted with unique details and specialized finishes, each piece helps you build distinctly captivating adornments. These also make wonderful additions for your journals and any textile art work.


Individually priced on selections page.



Glass Beads
Tiny pure glass beads approximately 1.5mm diameter, eight colour choices, all dual colours. We sell these in 100g packs.

colours and close ups

100g pack: $5.50 ($5.00)



Hand Dyed Emu Feathers
Exclusively Australian - these feathers are suburb to add into your pieces for that special extra. Seven colour themes.


Single Packet: $5.00 ($4.55)



Braidmaking Kit
Introduce yourself to the world of braidmaking. Each kit contains a disc ready to go and full instuctions.
$11.00 ($10.00)



Trinkets Department
Below - all manner of charms, faces, feet, hands, wings, you name it!

Two Feet
Metal, mid gold colour, 2.5 cm long, two to a pack.


Pack: $2.20 ($2.00)


Tiny Shoes
Very stylish! Solid metal, high heels, silver colour.


Pair of shoes: $3.50 ($3.18)


Face Beads
Metal, double sided, cast from lead free pewter. Can be threaded from top to bottom or side to side. Four per pack, in 'gold' or 'silver'.
Approximately 10mm x 12mm.


Set of 4 faces: $6.60 ($6.00)


Moon Faces
Little metallic faces, two sizes, 'small' (1.1cm diameter) and 'large' (1.8 cm diameter), medium gold colour. They complement the Art Girlz charms and the Wooden Hand/Feet/Heart sets we have in Petite and Grande.


Set of 6 large (1.8cm diameter) faces: $2.40 ($2.18)
Set of 6 small (1.1cm diameter) faces: $2.00 ($1.82)


Wooden Charm Sets
Two hands, two feet and a heart in each set. Two sizes, 'petite' (2cm axis) and 'grande' (3 cm axis)


Petite or Grande Set: $5.50 ($5.00)


Handbags Charm Set
Three different handbags plus one mobile phone.


Set of four: $5.50 ($5.00)


Wavy Hearts
Pair, each approximately 27mm x 18mm


Pair: $2.20 ($2.00)


Little Hands
Set of three, each approximately 27mm x 18mm


Set of three: $2.50 ($2.27)


Illuminations Charms
Five to a pack. These fit in well with our 'Illumination' themes.

pack contents

Pack: $3.50 ($3.18)


Illuminations Eyelets
Twenty five to a pack in a Fleur de Lys design that fits with our 'Illumination' themes.


Pack: $4.40 ($4.00)


Little Turkish 'Coins'
In 'Gold' with a hole near the edge, approx 14mm in diameter. 20 per pack.
Pack: $4.40 ($4.00)



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