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You will need - Polyester Fabric ie. Polyester Satin Lining, Polyester, Poly/Cotton sheeting or Nylon Lycra
Photo copy paper or Litho Paper (not too shiney or absorbant.)
Artists Palette
Iron & Ironing Board
Old cotton sheet

FIRST - draw your design on a sheet of paper

NEXT - pour a small amount of Transprint Inks into Artists Palette.

THEN - Paint over your design with undiluted Transprint Inks. Some of the stronger colours will not show on your paper as true to shade - dont worry!! While you wait for the design to dry - turn on your iron and set the thermosat on Polyester or Synthetic.

FINALLY - lay your fabric on an ironing board or flat padded surface, place the painted design face down on fabric, cover with fabric or extra paper and iron for up to 3 mins or until image is transferred onto fabric (be careful not to burn it!) The heat will transfer your image from the paper to the fabric.

TRANSPRINT INKS may also be painted onto sheets of paper as blocks of colour, allowed to dry and cut into shapes. These are laid, as before on the fabric and transferred by ironing.

ALSO try painting a design or pattern onto a sheet of paper, then placing any flat shapes on the fabric, place painted sheet on top with painted side down and ironing as before.


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