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        Texcraft Fabric Paint
Dual Purpose
$6.60 ($6.00) / 130ml jar plain colour
$12.10 ($11.00) / 130ml jar metallic
$5.30 ($4.82) / 130ml jar thickener
$58.50 ($53.18) / any ten plain colours.


Texcraft Dual Purpose Fabric Paint is a high quality paint for handpainting or pigment dyeing fabric. They may also be thickened for printing. Texcraft fabric inks are water based and contain softeners that improve the handling softness of the fabric and assist in fabric penetration when applied.
Suitable for cotton and polycotton. Heat to fix.

Plain Colours
lemon yellow mid yellow yellow ochre gold yellow orange
burnt orange scarlett pillarbox red moroccan red crimson
brill pink burgundy violet grape aqua
turquoise mid blue royal blue indigo navy
sea green emerald leaf green lime green olive
clay tan chocolate black white


Metallic Colours
Photo showing jars

copper           gold           silver           pearl lustre
Please note - Metallic Silver is no longer available.


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