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Sun Dye Colours
$7.60 ($6.91) / 130ml jar plain colour
$8.60 ($7.82) / Sun Gold or Sun Pearl.

A wonderful range of sun sensitive paints made in Australia by KraftKolour. These paints are for fabric painting on cotton and silk, and being heliographic, means they are excellent for sun printing.
Use to decorate your fabric using any found flattish object such as leaves, twigs, feathers sea shells etc. Easy to use, soft to handle and permanent. All you need is a still, sunny day or an infra red lamp. Paint your fabric with Sun Dye, put your objects on top and the sun will do the rest! Add a little Sun Pearl or Sun Gold to your paint to create a pearlescent finish.

wattle chamomille mustard citrus
kangaroo paw flame grevillea magenta
galah waratah plum mulberry
violet grape marine sky
opal indigo night sage
alfalfa lorikeet moss fern
tarragon kelp clay tanbark
slate currawong white
sun gold sun pearl

PS a note from the manufacturer;
Sun Dyes will work on wood, paper, cotton, silk, polyester, nylon, fur, skin, leather, wool, carpet, canvas, annexs, sinnamay, raffia, cane, feathers, carpet, upholstery ask the production company who did the Lord of the Rings.

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