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Precious Metal

Guide Review - Viva Decor Precious Metal Colour
Metallic Varnishes for a Range of Surfaces.
Precious Metal Colours from Viva Decor are metallic paints designed to work with any stable dry surface, including polymer clay. They work with glass, wood, fabric and paper as well. Precious Metal Colour is a water based metallic varnish that produces a smooth, brilliant metal finish. Once dry it is resistant to scratches.
Viva Decor recommend using a synthetic brush or sponge applicator, and the pigments brush out with a very high opacity, covering to a high metallic shine on most surfaces with a single coat. Porous surfaces like fabric, paper or wood, may need to be sealed or have a second coat applied. The colors are all light and fade resistant.
The twenty six colors in the range blend well, allowing you to produce a wide range of patination effects by dabbing multiple colours onto your object with a fine sponge and allowing colors to blend. Depending on the coating thickness and the surface you apply the paints to, drying time is between one to three hours. Make sure you clean up well before the paints are fully dry, as they adhere strongly to all the surfaces I tested them on. On Fabric The cinnamon (antique gold) colour I tested on a piece of scarf weight silk, showed a fair amount of color bleed away from the metallic powder. The emerald green and purple colors I tried did not have the same amount of bleed. It may be that I had better mixed paint with the purple and green. When hand washed with soap, the gold washed out slightly, so it may be that the paint needed a second coat, or had separated before I applied it. The purple and green colors remained very strongly metallic. Once washed (after the paint had dried for two hours) the fabric remained surprisingly flexible. The paint does not leave it rubbery or stiff. For miniature projects where you require small amounts of metallic fabrics, you may be able to get use these colors well by painting the fabric, allowing it to dry, then cutting the pieces out for assembly so that you can avoid the effect of bleeding at the edge.
On Wood On raw miniature mouldings, the color was absorbed slightly into the wood. The fine paint allows wood grain to show through the metallic effect, unusual for gold paint on miniature mouldings. The two tone effect of the paint appears to act as a one coat highlighter on wood, with more of the color filling the cut details while the metal builds up a gloss finish on main surfaces.
On Polymer Clay This is a brilliant fine pigment with high colour and gloss. Dry brushed it allows the clay color to show through, but painted on, a single coat can totally cover dark clay. The pigments can be applied to raw or baked polymer clay. Once the colour is dry the clay can be run through a pasta machine or under a roller to produce crackled effects. The colors do not change appreciably when baked in the oven at temperatures suitable to polymer clay.


  • Beautiful one coat gloss metallic coverage. The thin paint layer keeps surface details crisp.
  • Colours are very intense, similar to silvered glass colors.
  • Adheres to many surfaces, including fabric, although background color bleeds on some fabrics.
  • Great finish for finely textured polymer clay, lets details shine through.
  • Metallic powder in paint is very fine, the paint gives a liquid metal effect easily.


  • Colors may bleed on some fabrics, best to cut out pieces after colour has dried on fabric
  • Paint adheres very strongly. Reccomend you keep a damp paper towel handy for quick clean ups.


  • Beautiful, thin, high gloss metallic finish from a water based varnish. Easy clean up of brushes.
  • Very opaque, covers black polymer clay with a single coat. You can use a dry brush technique to create a patina effect.
  • Works surprisingly well on fabric without leaving it stiff. Colour may bleed away from the metal powder on some fabrics.
  • Fabric with dried coating of paint appears hand washable. Some fabrics may require two coats.
  • Brilliant shine, with colors that mimic coated aluminum or silver backed glass ornaments.
  • Paints do not rub off polymer clay with normal handling. Do not appear to need a further clear finish to protect the effect.

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