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Landscapes Sampler Kits
$29.70 ($27.00) / sampler kit

Landscapes will dye wool, mohair, alpaca (protein fibres), silk or nylon either as fleece, spun yarn or fabric.
Colours inpsired by the clarity of light and the unique beauty of the Australian Landscape. Landscape dyes have been developed to give a professional colourfast result with a simple dyeing method. Based of a spectrum format and uniform strength - Landscape dyes encourage the dyer to use colour as a flexible medium - to be mixed and matched, strengthened and weakened to suit your needs.

These are the dyes which Jacinta Leishman and Tatyana Andrew use for the wonderful fibres, silk threads and fabrics we sell at The Thread Studio.

Each kit contains 6 x 20gm jars of colour. Instructions and gloves also included.
Enough dye for 1 kilo fibre/yarn. All colours are intermixable. Attractively packaged.


Colours are:
Dingo, Mallee, Dusk, Red Ochre, Granite and Burnt Umber.



Colours are:
Shell, Saltmarsh, Tasman Kelp, Coral and Pacific.



Colours are:
Maize, Rye, Clay, Wheat, Alfalfa and Sugar Cane



Colours are:
Lichen, Mist, Cloud Ears, Heath, Sun Orchid and Wombat.


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