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Clubs 2017

We are proud to be the stockists of the most beautiful threads for hand stitching - threads from The Painters Collection - threads from Wonderfil including the Sue Spargo Collection and our very own range of hand dyed silk and gimp, linen threads from Londonderry and many more.

The Thread Studio Hand Thread Clubs are a 12 month programme and will deliver you threads in a co-ordinated range of colours.

Join anytime. On sign up you will receive a Yazzi travel wallet ideal for travelling and stitching. This will come with Month 1.
Each month you will receive a special extra with your club.


Cottage Garden Club
Eight threads a month. Twelve themes.
Cost: $48.00 per month plus actual postage.


Wonderfil Club
8 threads a month. 12 themes
Different weights and types including Eleganza, Razzle, Dazzle
Cost $45 a month plus actual postage.


Painters Thread Club
8 threads a month 12 themes
Cost: $48 a month plus actual postage
Or with a matching linen $75 a month plus actual postage


Deluxe Hand Thread Club
A boutique themed box which may include silk, linen, rayon, cotton, bead, sequins, ribbons
$120 a month plus actual postage


Felted Wool Stack club
plus 3 matching threads - plus sequins/beads to complement
Cost: $70.00 per month plus actual postage.


On sign up of any club, receive a Yazzi Travel Wallet.


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