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In Full Bloom
by Sue Spargo

From the author
'When I began to think about the design for the 2014 Block of the Month, animals were the uppermost images that kept coming into my mind. I began to sketch ideas based on an animal theme. For whatever reason, the overall design of the quilt just did not come together. Instead I found myself thinking about the many birds that I encourage to come into my yard to feed and as a natural extension of those thoughts, the many flowers that are a part of their natural habitat. Gradually, In Full Bloom came together with a large vase of cut flowers as the dominant theme. I hope you will, as you sew your quilt, enjoy a sense of being immersed in the joy that comes from a beautiful garden full of flowers and the movement and song of many birds.'
FINISHED QUILT SIZE: 36" X 44" (91.5cm x 112cm)

Soft cover, 60 pages.
Price: $50.00 ($45.45)