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Fusing Fabric

•   Discover one of the most innovative techniques in textile art: cutting, fusing and marking fabrics with the soldering iron to create stunning effects

•   Acclaimed embroiderer Margaret Beal gives full step-by-step instructions for the basic methods, plus a wealth of inspiring ideas for creative experimentation

•   Illustrated with over 100 colour photographs of beautiful finished pieces

From the front flap
The fine-tipped soldering iron is one of the most creative tools available to textile artists and embroiderers today. Heated cutting and bonding has long been used in the fashion world, but its potential for textile art is only just being appreciated. Acclaimed embroiderer Margaret Beal is a pioneer of these techniques, and for the first time brings her expertise into book form.

Armed with this book and a soldering iron you will discover how to cut, bond, seal, seam, score and make marks on single or multiple layers of synthetic fabric, creating finished pieces that are beautiful in their own right, or make unique surfaces for further stitching, whether by hand or machine.

Building on the three basic techniques of mark-making, cutting and bonding, the book is packed with ideas for further creative experimentation, including:
•   patterning with metal templates
•   sealing items between fabrics
•   scrunchy textures
•   strips and fancy borders
•   hollow 3-D shapes
•   intricate patchwork patterns
•   cutwork and applique techniques
•   carved or relief effects
•   working with metal grid and Wireform
•   incorporating other materials such as stencil film, foil and PVC

Once you start experimenting, you will find the processes simple, safe and straightforward, and you can develop and combine ideas with a range of other mixed-media embroidery techniques. This is a book for all lovers of fabric.

Now in soft cover, 128 pages.

Price: $39.95 ($36.32)


1. Mark-making, cutting and bonding
2. Machine Stitching
3. Three-dimensional effects
4. Other materials

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