The Thread Studio® is a mail order business established in 1995, based in Australia, but selling world-wide.
We specialise in unusual and interesting embroidery threads, hand dyed fibres and fabrics, and textile art and mixed media supplies.
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Featured Thread
Perlé 8 Cottons

From WonderFil. Egyptian two ply with a soft clean finish. Many striking colour themes.

What's New
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Mini Yarn Bitz Bags (12th December)
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Acrylic Wax is back! (28th November)
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Perfect Scissors from Karen Kay Buckley. (27th November)
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Perlé Variegateds. (26th November)
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Hand Dyed Rayon Sparkle. (25th November)
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Catalogue   Books (Embroidery and Art)
Flowers in Felt and Stitch. (7th November)
Catalogue   Books (Embroidery and Art)
From Art to Stitch. (7th November)
Catalogue   Hand Threads (Eleganza Threads)
Perlé 5 Theme Packs. (1st November)


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