The Thread Studio™ is a mail order business established in 1995, based in Australia, but selling world-wide. We specialise in unusual and interesting embroidery threads, hand dyed fibres and fabrics, and textile art and mixed media supplies.

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Thread of the Week
Illuminations Machine Rayons

Dyed to our specifications, and exclusively for us.
Our four Illuminations* are very popular, and unlike anything on the market today.
* Golds, Emeralds, Royale and Ruby.

What's New
Catalogue   Colour (Waxes / Pens)
Metallic Lustre Wax. (10th November)
Catalogue   Notions (General Notions)
iCraft Purple Tape. (10th November)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Stamping)
Art by Marlene signature collections. (9th November)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Papers / Films)
Awagami Washi Papers. (9th November)
Catalogue   Fab Bits (Sari Bits)
Pure Chiffon Sari Ribbon. (7th November)
Catalogue   Colour (Waxes / Pens)
Pearl Metallic Wax Crayons. (31st October)
Catalogue   Colour (Paints from Australia)
Opulence Paints new colour chart. (30th October)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Stamping)
Carabelle Round Texture Plates (29th October)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Stamping)
Carabelle Large Art Texture Plates (29th October)
Catalogue   Colour (Paints from Australia)
Gems pearlescent fabric paints. New chart. (23rd October)
Catalogue   Fab Bits (Sari Bits)
Bridal Sari Silk Chiffon Ribbon. (21st October)
Catalogue   Fab Bits (Silk Bits)
Hand Dyed Margilan Silk Gauze. (16th October)
Catalogue   Books (Embroidery and Art)
Textile Landscape by Cas Holmes. (9th October)
Catalogue   Books (Embroidery and Art)
Sketchbook Explorations by Shelley Rhodes. (9th October)
Catalogue   Hand Threads (Handdyed UK / USA)
Oliver Twists One Offs all themes now in stock. (5th October)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Stamping)
ColorBox Mini Mats. (3rd October)
Catalogue   Colour (Paints and Inks)
DyeStress blendable dye inks. (3rd October)
Catalogue   Hand Threads (Wonderfil)
Perle 8 Eleganza Spectrum Set. (1st October)
Catalogue   Hand Threads (Valdani)
Perle 8 Spectrum Set. (1st October)

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