The Thread Studio™ is a mail order business established in 1995, based in Australia, but selling world-wide. We specialise in unusual and interesting embroidery threads, hand dyed fibres and fabrics, and textile art and mixed media supplies.

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Thread of the Month
Painters Cotton á Broder

This thread is a 4ply, non-strandable, slightly twisted thread with a soft sheen. Very popular for cross stitch, white work, drawn and pulled thread, needlepoint lace and hardanger embroidery.


What's New
Catalogue   Notions (Hand Needles)
Tulip Needles - full range (5th July)
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Annual Break dates
Catalogue   Books (Embroidery and Art)
Abstracts in Acrylic and Ink (26th June)
Catalogue   Machine Threads (Metallics)
GlaMore (16th June)
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Mulberry Bark is back! (14th June)
Catalogue   Magazines (Embellish)
Issue 34 (5th June)
Catalogue   Experimentation (Stamping)
Carabelle Art Texture Plates (2nd June)

Large Art Texture Plates (2nd June)


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